An artist that lives under a rock

About the artist

Rhys is a trans artist who has been drawing his entire life. He decided to make art a full time freelance career in 2014 after leaving 3rd party art jobs in Legoland, Seaworld, Universal Studios, and Disney.

He's happily married to his husband and they have two cats, Pazzo S. Spazzerton and Maxwell the Potato.

-Foxpirate enjoys-
Original characters - Characters made up to fit into DnD, RPs, or fandoms.
Fanart - Characters from shows that already exist.
Furries/fursonas - Mostly anthropomorphic characters based on animals.

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Commission prices

Prices are per character

Illustration prices

Illustration prices can vary depending on the amount of detail and characters

Chibi prices

Emote Prices

Terms of Service

A sketch will be made as soon as possible and presented to you to look over. This is when you can ask for revisions to the piece.
Once the sketch has been approved, Linework and color will begin.
-All payments are done through Paypal invoice.
-All art is for personal use only
-I retain the right to refuse service
-I do not start working on a commission until I have received payment

You have the option, once a commission has been accepted, to join the discord commission update server. This is only given out through email to clients and once commissions are complete you're kicked from the server.

-Things I will not draw-
Gore of any kind
Anything controversial/illegal

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